our association

The project BONS AMIGOS (English „good friends“) has existed since May 2000.

BONS AMIGOS is an association registered in Austria as well as in Cape Verde.


The aim of the work of BONS AMIGOS is to effectively control the sanitary and hygienic problems raised by the dogs and cats living in the street, and to improve the quality of life for animals and humans.



This includes the appreciation of the animals’ dignity and health in the sense of a comprehensive protection of the animal.  Therefore, we especially care for stray animals, who live their lives without human protection. The hospital of BONS AMIGOS is open all year for all sick animals, for those without owners as well as those who are brought to us for medical attention.

 The work of BONS AMIGOS is based on the concept of creating benefits for all stakeholders in the chain of problems.

The concept

The concept of the work is geared to the guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the ICAM (International Companion Animal Management Coalition) in regard to the handling of stray dogs and cats. Substantially it consists of  therapy against zoonoses and other diseases, castrations of the animals, information and inclusion  of the population, the creation of „responsible communities“ and cooperation with the responsible public authorities and policy makers.

The continuous work of the association shows that the commitments, both, to the well-being of humans and animals do not contradict each other, but are rather part of a successful master plan.

Since 2000, BONS AMIGOS have been working in Praia, the capital of the Republic of Cabo Verde on the island of Santiago. Since its inception, cooperation with private companies, other groups, and authorities on the Cabo Verde Islands has also enabled campaigns on other islands of the archipelago.