Mai 2017



Die Klinik der Bons Amigos ist seit vielen Jahren im Erdgeschoß eines Wohnhauses in Ponta d’Agua untergebracht. Sie ist Anlaufstelle für kranke Hunde und Katzen aus ganz Praia. Durch unsere intensive Arbeit platzt sie aus allen Nähten und ist durch den jahrelangen Gebrauch schon sehr abgenützt.


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January 2017

For many years, the hospital of Bons Amigos has been located on the ground floor of a residential house in Ponta d‘Agua. It is the place to go with ill dogs and cats from all over Praia. Because of our work it is bursting at the seams, and has become very worn down from intensive usage over years. Repairs have to be made continuously. This situation is not only a burden to us but our supporters are also aware of it.


As a result of a unique initiative and a wave of support in Praia, the ground-breaking for the building of our new hospital took place in autumn 2016. Bons Amigos will use it as its new center. We also are responsible for coordinating the construction work.



The hospital owes its existence to far-ranging cooperation:


  • The municipality has understood that our work is reasonable and has provided us with the property and an architect.
  • Local enterprises donate building material and
  • One entrepreneur who has supported us for years, consistently helps with material and provides workers.
  • …and there are volunteers.



However, while this alone is already almost a miracle, we are particularly happy that Bons Amigos/Cape Verde will assume the entire coordination on Cape Verde.


Bons Amigos/Austria only supports in an advisory capacity. The task of the Austrian association will be to equip the hospital. For this we will ask for donations separately, because 100% of the donations we receive now go for our work for the animals.




Normally the team of Bons Amigos will work in the hospital. In addition, the hospital will be open for all veterinarians and assistants who want to work there together with Bons Amigos.


Weihnachten 2016

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August 2016

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Juni 2016

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