Bons amigos

The concept

The aim of the work of Bons Amigos is to improve the sanitary and hygienic situation for the well-being of humans and animals. This can be achieved by creating a smaller and healthier animal  population that no longer carries a substantial risk of transmission of various diseases. Those dogs and cats are strong enough and able to prevent the immigration of ill animals. Read more >>

Dog Population Management

Studies ordered by the WHO have proved several times that the population of stray dogs continuously increases with human population. The number of animals living in cities is dependent on the supply of food, water and shelter. The greater the population, the more stray dogs and cats exist. The capacity of reproduction of dogs is very high – with enough food supply the population could easily triplicate in one year. Read more >>


There are more than 60 known diseases which can be transmitted from dogs and cats to humans. Most of them can easily be avoided through elementary hygienic measures. Some of them, though, are a serious danger. In Cape Verde there are no known cases of rabies, the most dangerous zoonosis. Read more >>